Sanzhuji is a creative company dedicated to the development of sand casting equipment with a team of professional engineers and offers the design and production of sand mixing machines, casting molding machines, and surface blast cleaning machines.

With rich industry experience and production capacity, sanzhuji can provide customized sand casting solutions according to customer,s needs.

Typical products that sanzhuji can produce include: sand mixing machines for sand casting, green sand molding lines, and self-hardening resin sand molding lines,Jolt squeeze molding machine(Squeeze jolt mouldine mchine),Sand Tire Forming Machine,Multi- Piston Moulding Machine/Hydraulic Multi- Piston Moulding Machine(high pressure molding machine with multi-squeeze head),removable flask molding machine.Road blast cleaning machine for surface cleaning, hook blast cleaning machine, crawler blast cleaning machine, tilting drum blast cleaning machine.Core shooting machine for saving sand core cost.

Advantages of sanzhuji.
Professional R&D team engaged in sand casting equipment industry for more than 12 years.
Have the ability to provide perfect customized sand casting solutions.
Modern manufacturing workshop, from the design of the program, procurement of raw materials, production and processing, painting treatment, product quality inspection, trial run, boxing and delivery, all using archival management, with traceability channels, each division, staff serious and responsible.
Professional sales team, complete sales system, covering pre-sales, sales and after-sales work.
Provide installation training guidance, large turnkey projects provide on-site installation training.

Sanzhuji is a professional sand casting equipment manufacturer in China, is the director unit of China Foundry Association, has won the ISO9001, and the EU EAC certification, product quality is reliable, currently exported to Russia, Southeast Asia, Africa, Indonesia, Brazil and other regions, our production of sand casting equipment can meet your needs, welcome to visit the factory, please contact with our Please contact our team.