Q37 Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine
Q37 Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine
Q37 Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine
Q37 Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine

Q37 Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine

Q37 series hook type shot blasting machine is the most widely used shot blasting equipment, single hook lifting weight 500-8000Kg, shot blasting workpiece size range can reach 600*1200mm-2000*3000mm, shot blasting angle through CAD calculation of the best shot blasting line, equipped with steel shot recovery device and dust removal equipment.
Product Introduction

Q37 type shot blasting machine is hook type shot blasting equipment, with the following characteristics.

Adopt the cantilever (or direct link, i.e. motor directly embedded) centrifugal blast machine with large blast volume and high blast speed to improve the cleaning efficiency and obtain satisfactory cleaning quality.

When cleaning the workpiece, the hook lifts the workpiece into the blast room blast area, close the door, start the dust removal system, separator, hoist, screw conveyor, shot blasting machine and supply shot gate, etc., can be blast cleaning work, the workpiece can move back and forth while rotating, so as to thoroughly clean up the dead corner of the workpiece,cleaning is complete, lifting out of the cleaning room, unloading, on the pieces.

Simulated blast diagram and all drawings of the blast machine are drawn using computer-aided design (CAD), the selection and arrangement of the blast machine is more reasonable. Improve the utilization rate of the projectile and labor productivity, to ensure the cleaning effect and reduce the wear and tear on the chamber shield.The cleaning room adopts wear-resistant steel plate protection, and the dust removal method adopts bag dust removal, and the electric control system has manual and automatic operation.

No pit. Not only saves the construction time and cost of the pit foundation, but also solves the problem of rusting and caking of shot sand in the elevator due to water in the pit used by customers in southern China.

the series is divided into single hook type and double hook type, double hook type with Y-type track, shot blasting workpiece and loading and unloading workpiece can be carried out separately, use the double hook form, the hook has its own travel track, do not need to change track when working.


The chamber of the blast cleaning room is a steel plate, section steel welded structure. The side of the blast cleaning room is equipped with a total of 2-4 shot blast assembly, covering all the workpieces to be cleaned on the basis of minimizing the empty throwing of projectiles, thereby improving the utilization rate of the projectiles and reducing the wear and tear on the protective plate inside the cleaning room. The material used in the hot zone of the blast chamber is wear-resistant shield plate. Cleaning room at the top of the hook walking using multi-layer wear-resistant rubber plate, nylon brush structure, the door of the cleaning room using manual door, good sealing effect, flexible switch, the door and shot blasting machine chain protection, safe and reliable.
The blasting machine adopts BHQ03 series cantilever centrifugal high efficiency blasting machine, adopts advanced three-stage full curtain curtain flow curtain type heavy hammer automatic adjustment type pill slag separator, screw conveyor will be the bottom hopper collected by the projectile transported to the bucket elevator.
The hook mechanism is composed of motor, reducer, active friction wheel, etc. The hoist cover is bent and welded structure, the inlet is connected to the screw conveyor, and its outlet is connected to the separator, the lower cover of the hoist is equipped with an access door, the drum is made into a squirrel cage type to enhance the friction between the tape and the pulley and improve the service life, the lower shaft of the hoist is equipped with a pulse wheel, which can detect and track the working of the hoist Status.
The dust bag of the dust removal system is made of industrial polyester 208 pile cloth, which can be easily removed for cleaning and reuse, with dust removal efficiency of 99.9% or more and dust emission ≤65mg/m³.
Φ0.8-2.0 cast steel shot or steel wire cut shot, hardness HRC40-45, using air-controlled shot gate valve, independent control of shot supply, relying on the cylinder for long-distance control of shot blasting volume.