Self-hardening sand molding line
Self-hardening sand molding line
Self-hardening sand molding line
Self-hardening sand molding line

Self-hardening sand molding line

Resin sand is a type (core) sand with resin as a binder. The regeneration of old sand is to remove the binder film on the surface of the sand to the maximum extent, adjust the surface (particle size) of the sand, and use it as a very economical substitute for new sand. 
Product Introduction
Resin sand is a type (core) sand with resin as a binder. The regeneration of old sand is to remove the binder film on the surface of the sand to the maximum extent, adjust the surface (particle size) of the sand, and use it as a very economical substitute for new sand. The old sand is recycled for four purposes, which can save new sand consumption and transportation costs for discarding old sand, and the recycled sand particles are even. The surface is smooth and the heat is set well. It is beneficial to improve the quality of castings, especially when the resin sand is recycled and reused, and the amount of resin added can be reduced. Reduce the cost of resin. It can also reduce environmental pollution caused by the discharged waste sand. The production line can also be processed for sodium silicate sand casting, and the sand processing process of the two is similar.
resin sand production line regeneration processing system with an annual output of 3000 tons to 10000 tons of castings. PLC control is adopted to control the electrical equipment, which is fully restricted and protected. The simulation screen shows that the work is stable and reliable, realizing automatic production.
Process flow of resin sand production line: After pouring, the sand box and castings are hoisted to the inertia vibration shakeout machine. Large pieces of jackets and risers are manually sorted, and the sand, sand mass and small pieces of cold iron through the falling sand grid fall to the magnetic separation belt conveyor, and after magnetic separation, they are transported to the multi-functional vibrating crushing and regenerating machine for crushing and stripping. , Screening, the sand after screening is sent to 1# bucket elevator, and is lifted from the elevator to the centrifugal rotor secondary regenerator for strong regeneration and full stripping. The regenerated sand mixed with fine powder, dust and resin film flows into the flow curtain air separator through the flow sand tank. The air separator is connected with the cyclone dust collector and the pulse type back blowing dust collector to remove the fine powder and dust. The secondary and secondary regenerator of the regenerated centrifugal rotor and the sand in the sand warehouse are then lifted to the sand warehouse for standby by the 2# bucket elevator. The upper feeding port of the mobile double-arm continuous resin sand mixer is connected with the sand outlet at the bottom of the sand storage by the pneumatic shutter. The sand flows into the mixer from the sand storehouse. In the sand mixer, the sand is transported forward through the screw blade to the beginning of sand mixing, the curing agent is added from the proximal control valve, and the resin is added to the proximal valve after premixing by the small blade, and then enters the sand mixing end. The curing agent, resin and regenerated sand are fully mixed and then sent to the front discharge port to automatically flow into the prepared sand box for modeling and core making. The tire is transported to the self-hardening area or brushed with alcohol paste for combustion treatment, and finally brushed with release material to dry and close the box for pouring and cooling.
L12 Series Inert vibrating shakeout:Self-hardening sand shakeout machine, maximum rated load 20T, table size can be customized
Advanced and reliable double vibration motor self-synchronization and high reliability of vibration resistant welding structure and process;
The frame body is made of steel plate with excellent resistance to brittle crack under dynamic load, and after annealing, it has good vibration resistance.
The vibration motor is embedded in the side part of the frame with a groove and tenon structure, which can bear the dynamic load and is convenient for disassembly and maintenance:Easy to assemble and assemble, the equipment is low in height, easy to install, and can be designed according to user needs.
Y3 series vibration conveyor:Casting sand conveying equipment, through vibration conveying, can realize long-distance conveying
Vibration technology is an indispensable means of production in the foundry industry, vibration machinery reliable operation, maintenance is convenient, the company in the long-term production practice on the basis of the design and development of a variety of vibration machinery, can provide vibration falling sand, conveying, screening, feeding, polishing equipment.
S95 series permanent magnet separator:Magnetic separation equipment. The magnet is made of strontium ferrite and permanent magnet to remove iron inclusion in old sand from self-hardening sand.
This machine adopts a permanent magnet -- permanent magnet block as the magnetic source, the magnetic pole is arranged in a circle, and it is made of strontium ferrite, a special powder metallurgy product. It is an equipment for removing inclusions such as iron beans, iron nails, and flying spines from castings mixed with old sand.

S99 series hanging permanent magnet separator:Magnetic separation equipment, remove the inclusions in the old sand, according to the conveyor belt width matching design
S99 series permanent magnet separation equipment, using high magnetic material, has strong magnetic strength. It is widely used in metallurgy, mining, power generation, building materials, casting and other industries. The magnetic system is slow in aging and long in life, with a decrease of only 18% in 5-7 years. It is still close to the electromagnetic separation equipment.

Bucket elevator:It is an upgraded product of D-type bucket elevator, used for vertical conveying of old sand
Bucket elevator is a national standard product. It is a modified product of d-type bucket elevator. It is suitable for vertical upward transportation of old sand, waste sand, new sand, cleaning iron shot and other granular, small block without grinding or semi-grinding powder materials. Its structure characteristic: the appearance size is small, the occupation area is little, the promotion height is big, the installation maintenance is convenient. There are two kinds of feeding methods: the receiving type and the taking type at the bottom. The material is transported to the top and discharged by centrifugal gravity.
S56 series vibration regeneration machine:Sand Reclamation Systems for resin sand and glass sand, the recovery rate of used sand is ≥95%
S56 series vibration re - vitality is the company''s absorption of foreign equipment of the same kind of advanced technology. The resin sand was successfully developed. Sodium silicate regeneration equipment, sand it colony (with sand box), crushing, demoulding, a variety of functions in a body of screen classification, compact structure, cover an area of an area small, the machine is powered by vibrating motor, work is given priority to with rub is brushed, sand and broken rate is low, high recovery rate, reclaimed sand more hasten is complete, the numerous use manufacturer long-term production verification, this series of equipment renewable resin sand casting production line is the ideal crushing equipment.
S52 series centrifugal regeneration machine:Possess the ability of secondary regeneration, demoulding rate≥25%, old sand recovery rate≥90%
The machine adopts turbo regeneration principle, the main use of the old rub between sand to achieve the objective of the membrane and rounded off sand, sand at the same time in the regeneration of basin forming on the machine automatically within its cushion layer, protect the basin of regeneration from wear and tear, the solid sand flow impact panels complete secondary regeneration of sand, build a lateral mounted to the throttle plate and can effectively guarantee the reliable regeneration of the sand, sand and wont be broken in the regeneration process, sand grain roundness is better, more rules. The recycled sand can effectively reduce the amount of liquid material added, and the lower part can be equipped with a secondary air separation mechanism to discharge the inert film and dust in the recycled sand.
SL series inertial straight line vibrating screen:Used to adjust the temperature of the molding sand in the sand recovery process, and the heat exchanger can increase and decrease the temperature of the molding sand
This machine layout in the production line and is used to adjust the sand temperature, temperature control according to the general cooling and heating two kinds of function, design and manufacture of heat exchanger using new uniform spiral finned steel pipe to implement the above sand heat exchange, and thermocouple as the temperature sensor control sand temperature meet the requirements of the temperature of molding sand can only be sent to the next working procedure, bring their own water tank and piping system.
Y91 series pneumatic conveyor:pneumatic sand conveyors, suitable for long-distance dry sand transportation
The device belongs to dense phase low-pressure pneumatic conveying, suitable for conveying particles and powder materials which are not easily broken.
It is widely used in the industries of foundry, chemical industry, medicine and grain.
The device and the conveying pipe, the spherical tee, the supercharger, the supercharged quarter constitute the sealing conveying system. its
Can be equipped with automatic control electronic control system, the realization of the whole system unmanned control and PLC automatic control.
SK series three-dimensional vibrating table:Tap the blind area in the sand box at multiple angles to fill and compact
The three-dimensional vibrating table is usually excited by 6 sets (3 groups) of vibration motors. When the dual motors rotate in the opposite direction, the vertical vibration is the superposition of the two motors, and the vibration model is one-dimensional linear vibration; when the dual vibration motors rotate in the same direction or the single motor rotates, larger horizontal vibrations can be obtained. The model is a two-dimensional ellipse. During production, the operator can control the operation of the motors in different directions (X., y, z) to meet the filling and compaction requirements in different directions. Most three-dimensional vibrating tables can realize vibrations in three single directions of X, y, and z and compound directions of xy, XZ, and xyz in a certain combination and sequence.

Self-hardening Sand modeling auxiliary equipment:The manipulator is a fully automatic modeling auxiliary equipment, mainly used for drawing, opening and unpacking of molds
The manipulator is a kind of fully automatic modeling auxiliary equipment. Because of its high degree of automation, precise action and reliable performance, it improves the stability and practicability of the entire modeling line. It is mainly used for mold-drawing and box-turning and box-closing of molds in the final stage of modeling. It is suitable for automated production lines and production lines with high modeling accuracy. The parameters of the manipulator are determined non-standard according to the user's productivity and the size of the flask to achieve customized production.